Health Facility Briefing and Design

Part B of the International Health Facility Guidelines covers the subject of Health Facility Design and the factors which influence the outcome. Health Facility Design requires knowledge, skill and experience. These guidelines alone may not be sufficient to ensure good design, however, using these guidelines, a reasonably skilled designer should be able to focus on the required functionality quickly and deliver a product which meets the minimum Local Health Authority requirements.

The administrative requirements for health facility applications have been covered in Part A of the International Health Facility Guidelines. This part focuses on the Architectural and Health Planning Aspects. This part may include aspects of service health service provision and facility design which are not part of the Local Health Authority approval but required as part of the process of delivering a competent health facility.

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Terms and Abbreviations 158.0KB View
Planning Preliminary Information 441.4KB View
Role Dlineation Guide 366.4KB View
Standard Components 292.8KB View
Planning 4.6MB View
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Functional Planning Units

Administration Unit 806.4KB View
Admissions Unit & Discharge 834.6KB View
Birthing Unit 905.9KB View
Burns Unit 937.6KB View
Cardiac Investigations Unit 973.0KB View
Catering Unit 908.1KB View
Clinical Information Unit 686.5KB View
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Centre 873.8KB View
Coronary Care Unit 905.8KB View
Day Surgery/ Procedure Unit 1.1MB View
Decontamination Unit 650.3KB View
Dental Surgery Unit 701.4KB View
Education Unit 733.7KB View
Emergency Unit 1.5MB View
Endoscopy Unit 1.0MB View
Engineering & Maintenance Unit 584.6KB View
Health Centres 818.2KB View
Housekeeping Unit 631.4KB View
Hyperbaric Unit 4.8MB View
Inpatient Unit – Bariatric 1.0MB View
Inpatient Unit – Paediatric 1.9MB View
Inpatient Unit – Rehabilitation 962.5KB View
Inpatient Unit - General 1.9MB View
Intensive Care Unit - General 985.6KB View
Intensive Care Unit – Neonatal (NICU) 1.1MB View
IVF Unit (Fertilisation Centres) 788.2KB View
Laboratory Unit 917.5KB View
Linen Handling Unit 678.9KB View
Long Term Care Unit (LTCU) 996.6KB View
Main Entrance Unit 737.5KB View
Maternity Unit 1.3MB View
Medical Imaging Unit - General 1.1MB View
Medical Imaging – Nuclear Medicine Unit - PET 865.7KB View
Mental Health Unit - Adult 913.2KB View
Mental Health Unit – Child & Adolescent 906.9KB View
Mental Health Unit – Older Persons 883.1KB View
Mobile Healthcare Unit 535.5KB View
Mortuary - General 624.0KB View
Nursing Home 1.1MB View
Oncology Unit – Medical (Chemotherapy) 988.4KB View
Oncology Unit - Radiation 1.1MB View
Oncology Unit – Proton Therapy 1.0MB View
Operating Unit 1.9MB View
Outpatients Unit 1.7MB View
Pharmacy Unit 806.4KB View
Public & Staff Amenities 657.6KB View
Rehabilitation – Allied Health 927.1KB View
Renal Dialysis Unit 838.6KB View
Sterile Supply Unit (SSU) 1.1MB View
Sleep Lab Unit 940.0KB View
Stem Cell Unit 880.7KB View
Sub-acute Aged Care Unit 1.1MB View
Super Isolation Unit (Quarantine Unit) 883.3KB View
Supply Unit 732.5KB View
Trauma Unit 1.1MB View
Waste Management Unit 728.4KB View