Administrative Provisions

This section outlines the licensing process for Health Facilities and the prequalification process for Design Consultants. Part A basically sets out the different processes whereas Parts B to E provide the design tools to design fully compliant Health Facilities:

Approval Process – The five step approval process is explained in detail, including the validity of the interim approvals and the deliverables for each submission.

Standards and Guidelines – All Standards and Guidelines are listed for both the Health Planning and Engineering disciplines.

Prequalification – Provides all requirements to become prequalified and explains the process in detail.

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Terms and Abbreviations 247.0KB View
Approval Process for Health Facilities 1.8MB View
License Application - Step by Step 2.8MB View
Prequalification of Health Facility Design Consultants 2.6MB View
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Appendix 01 - Deliverables - Schematic Design Submission 142.5KB View
Appendix 02 - Deliverables - Detailed Design Submission 171.2KB View
Appendix 03 - Consultants Pre-qualification Application Form 3.2MB View
Appendix 04 - Template for Non-Compliance Report 122.4KB View
Appendix 05 -Template for SOA 114.8KB View
Appendix 06 - Role Delineation Framework 3.8MB View
Appendix 07 - Sample - Design Review Report 126.9KB View
Appendix 08 - Sample - Inspection Report 124.5KB View
Appendix 09 - Sample Drawing for Schematic Submission 550.9KB View
Appendix 10 - Sample Drawing for Detailed Submission 643.8KB View
Appendix 11 - Facility Types, FPU's and RDL's Guide 3.4MB View
Appendix 12 - Health Facility Design Review Checklist 232.8KB View
Appendix 13 - Health Facility Inspection Checklist 240.9KB View
Appendix 14 - Proforma for the proposed Service Lines and DRGs 264.3KB View